Being Vegan the WRONG Way in College

So I’ve been back in school for almost two weeks now and while I thought starting off the school year in my dorm as a vegan couldn’t possibly be as hard as it sounded, I was so soooo wrong. As much research as I did, I realized I still had no idea how to really be vegan while in school. I went to Aldi’s grocery store and then Earth Fare and picked up some food feeling super confident. Got back to my room and realized I had a whole bunch of nothing. Seriously. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY! I am a broke college student. I quite literally cannot afford to waste any money. So here are some things I learned the hard way about being vegan in a college dorm.

  1. Get yourself a fridge. Some people say you don’t really need one. I beg to differ because not having on is killing me. I would like to store my fruit and spinach and freeze my potatoes. Obviously I can’t do that so obviously I don’t buy them which OBVIOUSLY affects my diet.
  2. It’s okay if you don’t cut out every animal product cold turkey. i thought I coould because I honestly believed I had no taste for the stuff whatsoever. I WAS WRONG. Giving up meat was the easy part. Yet, realizing how much of my favorite foods had animal products was pretty depressing. I LOVE CHEESE. Like…I love it. It’s in all my favorite foods like pizza and my burgers. I also love yogurts and ice cream so saying goodbye to those when I don’t have a kitchen to cook any food is difficult to say the least.
  3. Make a list of what you’re buying before you get to the store. If you shop blindly like I did sometimes, you’ll buy a whole lot of nothing. I had popcorn, chips, salsa, and LOTS of bread, realizing I had a whole bunch of carbs and not much of anything else.
  4. Just go to the cafe man. I tried to avoid my school’s cafe because quite frankly, the food isn’t always a hit but it does have a vegan line and it also has a pretty good salad bar.
  5. Find an accountability partner. Literally all of my ¬†friends here love meat so they’re not gonna check me. I don’t know any other vegans where I am. It’s always cool to find someone you can exchange ideas and recipes with.

That’s all I got so far. If you’re vegan and have some tips for me, that’d be cool because as you can see, I. AM. STRUGGLING.



I’ve been vegucated guys! For the longest time I was looking for a reason to give up meat. At some point in my college career it just didn’t taste as good. Don’t get me wrong, I would still eat it when I got the chance, but after being in a school that never served meat for over 2 years, it had lost its appeal. ¬†So around August I had decided that eventually, I’d give up meat. In order to do so, I needed to know why this move was the right move so over the course of 4 months, I did my research, watched countless documentaries, and talked to people who had made the change. It wasn’t until I watched 3 particular documentaries on Netflix was I sold on the idea. The 3 documentaries were Vegucated, Food Inc, and Cowspiracy and I couldn’t help but go on a whole “angry vegan” rant (in my head of course). And there it was, the word “vegan”. For the longest, my uneducated opinion of vegans was that they were tree hugging extremists, but after even more research I realized what being vegan was really about. I no longer could be apart of anything that would treat animals in such a cruel manner and then have the audacity to go on television and show me pictures of happy cows. No Shade.


I learned in my health principles class that the best diet was a whole food, plant based diet. The vegan diet is basically that but like most things, it has to be done right.

I’m slooooooowly weening myself of meat because living in a Haitian household during Christmas break makes it hard to cut it out completely but once I’m back in school, I’ll be saying bye bye forever.


I don’t think I’ll mourn it much. At the end of the day, this is a change that can reap nothing but benefits.

SOOOOOO you guys should definitely check out the documentaries I mentioned. I’m not going to tell you to give up meat because I don’t want to be an angry vegan. There are definitely people who eat meat and live pretty healthy lives. Personally, I think I’ll be better off.

If you’ve recently made the switch, let me know how it’s going for you and some tips to help me out!