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Last year, I passed out and was hospitalized due to chronic exhaustion and depression (I’m super okay now tho so don’t worry lol). Not a lot of people know that but now you guys do so don’t be weird about it. What it really boiled down to was me putting literally everything and everyone ahead of me. I took care of everyone and never looked after myself.

I think a lot of us have problems with not caring about ourselves first. We’re constantly pouring ourselves into deep reservoir type people and at some point we become empty, they’re half full, and still no one is as happy as they want to be.

Recently I’ve been learning to take care of myself first. Try it. To those who don’t  care about you, this suggestion is going to sound selfish. Everyone says they want the best for you until what’s best for you isn’t what’s best for them.

I think that’s when I realized I didn’t have many friends. I found myself having to always suck it up and be there for everyone else and it was never my turn. So I took my turn. Many of my “friends” resented me for it; said I changed and I shouldn’t be selfish (  selfish?) That’s fine. I’ll be that.

In making others happy, don’t forget you deserve to be happy too. It’s okay to put you first.



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