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Don’t Fall In Love With Potential 

I’m a Twitter-holic so obviously I’m probably on Twitter if I’m not asleep. The other day, one of the people I follow said something that stuck out to me. “Don’t fall in love with potential.” 


That one statement resonated in me in a way that was quite frankly, uncomfortable.

I realize I have a habit of not falling for the guy, but what I believe the guy can be.

Maybe as a woman,  I tend to want to fix things and as a result, I find myself attracted to men who are broken and looking for direction. Because of this attraction, more times than not, I’m left broken as well.

It’s like picking up a broken vase and cutting yourself on the pieces. It hurts like hell.

Some things aren’t yours to fix and to be frank you can’t really “fix” anyone. 

As a woman, It seems only logical to desire to be with a man; and yet, for many years of my life I found myself with boys, holding on to the idea that one day they’d grow up and live up to the potential I saw in them. It shouldn’t have come to a surprise that they didn’t.

So if this is an issue you face, stop.

You obviously know the kind of person you want to be with, pursue that kind of person. You don’t have to date someone while waiting for him/her to grow up.
 “Don’t fall in love with potential.”


One comment on “Don’t Fall In Love With Potential 

  1. ❤️ so me !! Not any more!! 👌🏽


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