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Low Porosity 101

So your hair is low porosity. Well I have some tips for you too!

Because your hair stayed at the top of the glass of water, this means your hair has a hard time absorbing water. All isn’t lost though! This also means that once it’s in there, it’s in for a while!

Sometimes low porosity hair can feel dry and brittle. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to slather on oils and conditioners.  Your hair might actually hate you for it. What you’re lacking mostly is hydration! Oils can help to soften hair without the buildup a lot of conditioners leave you but we’ll get to that later.

So here are your tips!

  1. MOISTURIZE WITH HYDRATION: Obvious i know but you’d be surprised at how often we neglect this. Moisturizing for low porosity hair does not entail oils and conditioners, but water. Your hair absolutely needs water.
  2. SAY BYE BYE HEAVY PRODUCTS: Heavy thick products tend to sit on top of low porosity hair and you don’t want that greasy feeling. (ew..) Instead, try to find light, water based conditioners. As I Am and Giovanni are great brands to try because they don’t leave your hair feeling heavy and weighed down. Trader Joe’s also has a Tingle Conditioner I’ve heard some great things about. So shea butter and other heavy products that high porosity hair may use is gonna suck for you.
  3. WELL HELLO HEAT: Low porosity hair has cuticles that are tightly laid, making it hard for moisture to come in. Heat raises the cuticles so you can try washing your hair in warm (not hot) water, putting on your deep conditioner with a plastic cap sitting under the dryer, and washing it out with cold water to close your cuticles, locking everything in!
  4. OIL PRE POO: YAS girl. Pre poo! Oils such as olive oil and coconut can be used to help soften the hair hours before you actually wash it.
  5. PROTEIN: For most hair textures, a well placed protein treatment is needed to help strengthened. Low porosity hair would do better with smaller proteins such as hydrolyzed silk, keratin, collagen, and amino acids (which I’m sure I’ve seen at my local Walmart)  These smaller proteins help to draw in the moisture from your hair but fill in the tiny spaces in your cuticles to keep the water from escaping, keeping your hair moisturized for longer.
  6. AVOID DEHYDRATION: Don’t think because your cuticles are tighter, water can’t escape. Protect your hair. Wear your satin bonnet, wear hats, if you’re coloring your hair use lower poeroxide hair color,  avoid heat styling. Give your hair hydration everyday with a light spritz in the morning made of water (distilled is preferred) and aloe vera juice to draw in moisture.

Those are some tips! I hope you found them helpful!


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